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A Guide to Cargo Pants For Women

Cargo pants are generally for men, but this type of pants is now becoming a trend among women’s fashion, and in fact, a lot of women are dying to have this pair of pants. The reason why the cargo pants for women are becoming popular is because they are very comfortable to wear and they look really stylish. Another reason is the fact that this pair of pants can be worn with whatever top that they want.

Of course, you need to exert a little effort in order to pull off a good look. Here’s how a women can sport a stylish pair of cargo pants:

  • Roll the Bottoms for a More Stylish Look

One way to look your best while wearing a pair of cargo pants for women is to roll the bottom portions of the pants in order to show off your footwear. This is especially a good idea if you are wearing a stylish pair of footwear. Also, it would look great if the footwear you are wearing matches with the color of your top. So if you’re wearing a pink sleeveless top with your pair of cargo pants, then wear a pair of stylish pink sandals with it.

For slim cargo pants, a pair of high heels or stilettos would look great, while baggy cargo pants should be worn with flats or sneakers.

  • Wear Formal Top for Office Wear

If you want to wear your pair of cargo pants for women in your office, then it is best to wear a formal top with it. You can opt for a white or black buttoned down top to match your cargo pants and as for your footwear, make sure that you wear a pair of formal shoes to go with it. A pair of wingtip oxford shoes is the perfect footwear to match your cargo pants when wearing it in the office. You can also accessorize if you want, such as wearing a simple pair of gold earrings as well as a thin belt with your pants in order to achieve a formal look.

  • How to Stand Out in the Crowd

If you want to stand out in the crowd while wearing your favorite pair of cargo pants for women, it is best to wear elegant designed blouses or those fitted tops that have flashy colors. You can also wear a thin belt that matches with the color of your top for a classier look.

If you are wearing a slim fitting cargo pants, wear a pair of classy high heels or perhaps, a wedge that would match the color of your top. Do not forget to carry a cute purse or a classy handbag, and of course, accessorize with your favorite pair of earrings.

So as you can see, the cargo pants for women are not only comfortable to wear, but they are very versatile as well. The pants can be worn when shopping in the mall, when hanging out with friends, when traveling, when attending casual parties, and even when you go to work. Simply refer to the tips above in order to be guided on the proper way of wearing your cargo pants.


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