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Harem Trousers – Making a Comeback

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Some women are not open to the idea of wearing a pair of harem trousers. They find this pair of trousers a bit unlikely because of its low crotch design and have baggy legs that are really one of a kind. But despite of its unusual look, you will find a lot of famous celebrities and models who are sporting this pair of trousers. And when you look at them, they don’t look stupid at all. In fact, they look so chic and stylish no matter what kind of top they wear the trousers with.  So if you are interested to try one of these trousers, read this article first to find out more about the harem pants.

History of the Trousers

The harem trousers have actually been around for a long time now and it dates back to the 16th century. In fact, the wife of Paul Getty, the founder of the famous Getty Oil Company, has been photographed in the 1960s wearing the harem pants. She looked so chic with the trousers on while sitting on a beautiful Marrakech rooftop.

The pants became popular in the 1980s again and it was not too long before it was gone from the fashion world. But nowadays, it seems that the trousers are coming back in the fashion scene once again, as more and more celebrities were photographed wearing a stylish pair of harem pants.

How to Wear the Trousers

It is a good idea to know exactly how the harem trousers are worn so you will not look funny wearing it. The trousers are actually made of soft flowing fabric, which is either jersey or silk. They look great on women with model like figures, but they are perfect for shorter ladies, too.

The trousers would actually drape well on the legs, thus, it will make one’s legs to appear longer. The balloon like effect on the trousers gives off a stylish and unique look.

Be mindful of the divide area on the trousers and make sure to choose the trousers that do not have too much fabric on that portion. If the fabric would bunch up on the divide portion, this can create a pretty awful silhouette. You can also go for short harem pants that have stretchy fabric. The trousers can be worn with a fitted top and you can sport a pair of ballet flats with it, for a more stylish look.

Where to Buy the Trousers

Since the harem trousers are becoming more and more popular these days, looking for this type of trousers is not that difficult. You can find them in various clothing stores worldwide. But if you want high quality harem pants that will not cost an arm and a leg, you better go online and check out some of those online stores that sell all types of clothing for women. There are also several different styles of harem pants that you can find online. Make sure to choose the style that suits your body shape.

Hopefully, reading this article is enough to convince you that wearing a pair of harem trousers is not funny at all. Who knows, it might just look great on you, so try it on!


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